Todd Capital Investment Club and Todd Acquisitions 2017 Goals



It’s the end of the year and I think Todd Capital had a great run.  I wont run down the list of accolades because I am not focused on what we have accomplished.  I am only focused on what we will accomplish.  

As I get older I am learning the value of setting big bodacious goals.  Those are the only goals worth having.  Its like Grant Cardone says “don’t set average goals because you can have an average life without setting goals”.  So what is set to follow wont be an average set of goals.

Todd Capital 2017 Goals 

  1. 500 Members
  2. $1 Million assets invested in the stock market
  3. 4 properties, 10 units (1mil  total value) on Todd Acquisitions side
  4. Multi family real estate in Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas
  5. Pro athlete and entertainer capital (strategically planning MLS or minor league team acquisition with crowd funded athlete money)
  6. Possible going concern acquisition
  7. In person club events, nationwide
  8. Annual Todd Capital conference, Los Angeles

These are group goals and if we meet these goals the company will be kicking off some major cash flow and equity.  Most of which, will be reinvested to keep the fund growing.  If you have a goal worth adding to the list PLEASE add it.

Lastly, please, tell your friends, family, cowokers, peers, college and grad school buddies about what we are building.  This is the movement that we have been waiting for.  

If you havent yet joined the Todd Capital family email

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