Leave it all on the field in 2016 with Todd Capital Investment Club and Todd Acquisitions


Like clockwork people are trashing this year in hopes that next year will be great (again?).  This amazes me because this year isn’t even technically over.  That means that you still have time to maximize the time that you have left in 2016 to end this year with a bang.  This is not time to throw up your hands in defeat and pray that 2017 is going to somehow change your life. The changing of the dates has absolutely no impact on whether you will be successful. You are going to wake up the same person you were when you went to sleep in 2016 unless you make the decision now to change and then carry that over into 2017.

Seed Time and Harvest Time

Its all about what you are sowing or investing into your future.  These are seeds.  Your money, your words, your time, all of these are small deposits that compound into great wealth in your future.  The seeds that you plant, or don’t plant because you have already given up, in December 2016 are the harvest that you will reap in Jan 2017.  Therefore, if you are loafing into the new year because you have given up or because 2016 left you unfulfilled, you will have nothing to reap in 2017.  That is just how things work.  No seed, no harvest.  If you put nothing to work the time will still pass and the only thing that you will have to show for it is old age.

Santa Clause isn’t your duty

Success is your duty.  Santa Clause isn’t your duty. Holiday shopping isn’t your duty.  Too many of us are taking a break from the hustle and grind to blow money fast and act like everything is sweet.  Meanwhile the culture is still broke and in last place.  What if the investment that would take your financial life to the next level is actually in your holiday spending?  Don’t get caught up in what your friends are doing because odds are your friends aren’t wealthy. Therefore, if you are keeping up with them you are just extending the time that you will be average right along with them.  Looking the part has to get old at some time.  Looking the part is losing.

If you have a bad December you are likely going to have a bad January.  There is no magic switch that flips in the beginning of the year.  Time is linear not cyclical.

Don’t let up now!

This post is for anyone who thought about coasting into the year and neglecting their investments.  Don’t.  You have to keep your foot on the gas and heading forward into financial freedom.  The seeds you plant today will allow you to live the life of your dreams in the future but nothing will happen if you do nothing.  The deadline for investing in Todd Capital Investment Club and Todd Acquisitions is the 15th and end of the month, respectively.  Get on board now and help us make 2016, 2017, 2018 and every year after that a great year.  Collaborative investing will be a way of life!

Be great!

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