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As a culture we aim too small.  We aim for just enough,  we aim to compete, we aim for equality and like I always say “equality is a low bar”.  A study showed that Americans rank around 40th in math and science testing worldwide.  Thus, if the African American community were to get their “equality” they would just be in 40th place with the rest of America.  I believe that the same is true about wealth in America.  American wealth isn’t held by old European families. The wealth in America is held by immigrants who came, hustled, sacrificed and did what they had to do.  Roughly 90 percent of millionaires in America are first generation millionaires.  This indicates that there is no black white wealth gap.  There is a black and immigrant wealth gap and that can be cured just by adopting their thought process and their strategies.

The goal for closing this gap should be domination, not competition and not equality. Its important to realize that while you are attempting to close the wealth gap other groups aren’t just standing still, they are running too.  So you have to do double time and dominate.   “Competition is for sissies”, says Grant Cardone.  This is because competition is copying and when you copy you are always one step behind.  Its like the guy in the pool swimming against Michael Phelps.  When we copy or follow we insult the God given creative abilities that we all have that should be used to enhance our community.  Almost every invention worth noting in America was created by African Americans.  We are a creative group of people. Don’t believe me?  There will be another dance trend in a few months, I promise.  What we need to be doing is applying this creativity into action and working to be the industry leader not working to tie someone who isn’t even the leader in their space.

I am definitely guilty of low aim.  I think that setting the bar for fifty members, while we reached it, is low aim in itself because we still don’t have the assets we need to fully make a dent.  The problem with low aim is that even if you are successful you will ultimately be unfulfilled.  If and when we reach our $1 million dollar goal we will realize how little $1 million is.  Therefore, we must level up.  To accomplish the billion dollar goal we will have to increase membership intake 10 fold, we have to increase the amount of knowledgeable advisers and partners we take on to manage the club and  amp up our professionalism as a club.  All of those things create opportunities for our members and our culture.  The beauty of this is that setting such a lofty goal forces us to create a greater product and experience for our members.


Todd Capital Investment Club has done well our first five months but as we cross into the next year I want to raise our sights.  We can do more we just have to 1000X our goal from one million to one billion.  I want us to raise a billion dollars worth of capital.  Statistics show that the African American community has 1.1 trillion dollars worth of buying power.  So a billion worth of investment power is a small drop in the bucket.  The money is there, it just has to be redirected.  The problem is we are either aiming too low, we are aiming at the wrong things, or we aren’t aiming at all.

The benefits of 1 billion worth of capital is we will have the ability to move the market, our gains will be amplified and we can leverage our billion into large level acquisitions.  We can completely revitalize neighborhoods, we can buy out businesses we can do so many things that are truly powerful.  A billion dollars worth of investable assets is respectable.  Like Jay said, “I tried being modest but yall don’t respect modest, yall resepect them dollars”.  


I want you to solve your problems by becoming rich, not by becoming further dependent on the government and people being nice to you.  I promise you that economic power is the only power we need to be aiming for.  If you still haven’t pulled the trigger to become a part of the movement you can do so now by emailing

Be Great!

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