Todd Acquisitions: The club everyone has been waiting for!


Todd Capital Investment Club was not the first club created by Todd Capital. The first club we started, and really saw great interest in, was a real estate investment club.  The goal was to pool 100 people with 1000 dollars to purchase properties in cash.  Looking back I think that this club didn’t get off the ground not because it didn’t have the potential but because the strategy was incorrect.

The $1,000 problem

Studies show that the average person doesn’t have $1000 saved.  So attempting to get people to loft over a grand was a little ambitious.  Today, $1000 is still the goal and will allow us to purchase assets on a higher level but the lump sum turned would be investors into ghosts.  That’s not a problem it is just an opportunity to figure out HOW to make it work. Going forward, we are going to allow investors to contribute on a monthly basis. As the funds grow, which they are expected to, we will use the funds as the 20% downpayment on rental properties.

You can’t create wealth without leverage

The second problem is the idea of purchasing assets in cash.  The advantage in real estate is leverage.  So that $100k cash that the first investment set out to raise could, should and will, going forward, be used to purchase multiple assets not ONE asset in cash.  The 100k or better will be broken into chunks and used as the downpayment on different rental properties ranging in the 50k to 100k range.  So 100k would buy 10 50k properties or 5 100k propoerties.  Each of them will be used to generate rental income and equity through forced appreciation.

A lot of people over estimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in five years.  While 100 members of $1000 was ambitious, it is not impossible. We have already proven this with the success of the stock market investment club.

Todd Acquisitions Real Estate Investment Club 

With that being said, we are officially launching the Todd Acquisitions Real Estate Investment Club.  This club will be $100 per month starting December 1 and the goal is to purchase at least 2 properties per year.  We are looking at under valued and over-looked properties all over the country from Los Angeles, Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Baltimore, etc.  The goal of this club is to purchase assets but also combat gentrification and help people by not only purchasing the property but improving the community while we do it.  Like the stock market club, we take the mastermind approach to target these properties but that doesnt mean that you have to be a real estate expert to participate.  The experts in the club will guide, while you learn and earn.

The beauty of real estate as opposed to our stock market club is in real estate we earn cashflow through rentals and we gain equity on the rehab.  The goal of this club, while not static, is to purchase properties that need work, fix them up, rent them and then refinance out the profit.  This strategy should allow us to return principal back within one year and continue to earn cash flow.  

Todd Acquisitions is going to be a great opportunity to add to what we are doing in the stock market, enhance/diversify our portfolios, and generate wealth though ownership.  If you are interested in joining please email us at

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