Infinite Returns


Interest earned on nothing equates to infinite returns.  At least that is what my millionaire mentor told me.  In his office we put together deals that generate large six figure returns on leveraged money and this equates to gains with zero money out of pocket, aka infinite gains.  Most people never see things like this but it exists and it is what makes the Buffet’s, the Icahn’s, private offices and the big banks wealthy. 

For example, if you loan a business or an individual 1million dollars of the banks money  at 10%, on your line of credit that carries a rate of 4%, you are earning $60,000 in interest income, plus fees, with zero money out of pocket.  Returns are generated based on the principal amount invested so when you earn a return with nothing out of pocket you earn an infinite return.  $60,000/$0 = undefined. If you do a few deals like that per year you can spend the rest of your time on some island.

How this all relates to Todd Capital

Todd Capital Investment Club will be stepping into the land of five figures this month.  We have averaged out the small dips and grown our principal balance.  But up and until now a club like this that caters to young professionals and novice investors hasn’t existed.  It is as if there was a zero for us.  On the back of this zero we have seen our portfolio value grow exponentially and as we get closer to and ultimately explode through 50 members we are going to grow even more.

We are operating in the land of infinite returns because before us there was nothing.  We are seeing infinite returns in the value of the club, in the knowledge of our members and in the derivative opportunities that are created as a result of our success.  I urge you to not only become more enthusiastic about this club but reach out to your friends and family and get them on board!

This isn’t some crowd funding deal where you give your money and have no stake in the funds.  That has always been my gripe about the gofundme’s.  You crowd fund money to pay for something that the person who requested the money should have already paid for with insurance or with personal savings. But thats not the bad part, the bad part is you have no ownership in the entire fund.  The key to wealth and financial independence is ownership, not charity. 

I think that we as a community should never contribute to charity.  We are at the bottom of the totem pole economically and the only people we should be giving to is ourselves and our families.  It is hard to hear but we are  not in a place where we should be giving for the sake of a feel good.  Not yet.  You can’t help the poor if you are one of them. 

I say all this to say that TCIC is great because you own TCIC.  TCIC is great because WE as a mastermind control TCIC.  TCIC is great because on the back of nothing we built something amazing.  Again, if you haven’t joined, please join.  If you know someone who hasn’t joined, encourage them to join.  Infinite x Infinite = POWER.

Be great!


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