Wealth is Immunity


My goal in life is to work like an immigrant, and spend like a white man.  And for those who aren’t familiar with how white men spend money, I would like to refer to the famous Kanye quote.  “You know white people, they get money and don’t spend it.  Or maybe they, get money and buy a business.” Ill save the post on purchasing a business for a later day but first, it is important to grasp the concept that money is meant to be invested, not spent.  This is because there is power in your wealth. Most of the struggles our people run into are money related but disguised as other cultural issues/shortcomings.

For example, most families split up over money.  Our women are dissatisfied at the lack of income coming in and they kick the man out and replace him with a welfare check.  Another example is high crime rates which are based on drugs.  Our people tend to see drug sales as the only way to make money after their rap and hoop dreams fail to come to fruition.  Drug sales lead to shootings and incarceration.  All of that is rooted in money. Lastly, most men take plea deals and are forced into mandatory minimum sentences because they couldnt afford to mount a proper defense.  Our problem is that we are “oppressed”,(I dont really believe in oppression) and that we arent doing anything about it!  We arent willing to achieve the wealth needed to protect ourselves and our family.

Short rant on “oppression”, other cultures aren’t oppressing you, they are just putting their community first.  We have to do the same.  There is nothing wrong with that, even in the face of people calling it racism or reverse racism. Who cares.  

We live in an era where young college educated African Americans (most likely BLM protesters) are making more money than prior generations could ever dream.  Most are making more than their parents AND most don’t have children or major responsibilities.  High income with LOW expenses lead to massive disposable income.  The problem is that this income is being wasted on experiences and shiny things.  In my opinion, experiences are overrated and shiny things rust or depreciate. As I have said before, your kids cant inherit [inserts wasteful use of resources and energy]. Well your kids cant inherit your experiences.  Your kids cant inherit your joy and turn up.  How can you protest your oppression and then celebrate as if you are not oppressed on the weekend? Pick one. Oppressed or free because your IG says you are confused.  

The problem is that most people only know how to earn money and spend it.  If they happen to save it the money gets spent on a larger purchase.  All of these things depreciate in value and leave you with nothing.  Some even continue to suck money from you (read BMW).  My purpose and my passion is to see black wealth come to pass.  Because black wealth is immunity.  Having a storehouse of money allows you to not fall prey to most of the things in America that try to trip you up.  Additionally, having a storehouse of money allows you to take advantage of other people who are unwilling to put wealth first.  Unfortunately, for too long we have been the people who fall prey to others advances.

I want to see the community self sufficient, thriving and respectable.  It can only get there through conscious economic initiatives.  You don’t have to join Todd Capital but you do have to start making better decisions for your kids and your kids kids.  Instead of using your high disposable income to turn up, use it to save up and double up.  Your community will be made better for it.  

If you would like to join the TCIC, we now have 41 members, email capitaltodd@gmail.com

Be great!

Uncle T

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