Make Todd Capital Investment Club Great Again!


We are coming up on 40 members!  Wow.  What an accomplishment!  We are on pace for about 10 members each month we have been investing which is a great pace.

As we are growing and accomplishing our goals for expansion we HAVE to stay grounded in the direction of the club.  We have taken some small dips. We are down about 6% as we have held through the election cycle but the uncertainty is gone and we are now cleared for take off.

Investing in a club is a lot different than investing on your own.  We vote on ideas, we make trades at specified dates and we hold hold hold.  As Warren Buffet says his favorite holding period is forever.  You cant argue with the Oracle of Omaha.  I think, no I KNOW, that the pros heavily outweigh the cons of this strategy and over time as this club grows more established in this practice we are going to do well.

To reiterate, our goals are as follows: 1) 50 strong, dedicated and focused members (I really want about 500 members #10X) 2) $10,000 in assets as fast as possible (we are already 75% of the way there and my large scale goal is $1,000,000 invested, #10X) 3) preservation of capital.  

I want to challenge all of our members to start keying in on financial news.  Pay attention to what companies are doing so we can track the trends of the market.  A wise man once said that a mastermind group (which this is) can achieve more in one year than one person could achieve in their entire lifetime if they depended solely upon their own effort.  None of us is smarter than ALL of us.  We have cracked the code to investing and we have to leverage each other into wealth.

Stick with the club for a year, AT LEAST, and I promise you will see things you have never seen. If you haven’t yet joined, or contributed for the month of November you still have time.  The “cutoff” is tonight at midnight.

Be great!


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