TCIC: Profiting During a Trump Presidency


Last night was a long night but we all survived.  I wont lie, when I saw that the market was down 700 points I was scared for what could be the beginning of a massive downturn.  Turns out that most of this was just media hype.  As investors, we have to learn to see through what the media is telling us.  Prior to the housing crash, the news was 100% positive, nobody expected that to come.  Likewise, the people predicting doom and gloom under Trump were so convinced that it would occur, but we wake up today to see the market having done a full reversal and now rallying.

Why I Think Trump Will Be Good For This Club and our Country
Trump knows business, Trump knows what it takes to make money in America. He also isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade.  He does not have to play nice or politically correct which allows him to do what is right, not just what is nice.  In the end, America wins.  If you are in America, which most of us are, you are included in this “New Deal”.  I encourage you all to leverage what will be a great future by putting money into American companies that provide American jobs and will allow us to take back our rightful position as leaders of the World.
Investments Going Forward

I think our best bet is to bet on America. I cant believe that I have to actually say this.  It should already be second nature to bet on the home team.  Unfortunately with the push for globalization so many jobs and opportunities are shipped over seas. This has led to the debtor culture we have as prices increase, jobs disappear and wages stay flat. I don’t have any specific companies but I am very optimistic about the future of America.

In sum, for those that think Trump is what the heavily Clinton funded media has painted him into with sound clips and outdated footage, guess again.  Just as we saw last night, and you can see it in his children, Trump is a civil  individual who knows business and knows what it takes to be great in America. He did not get rich by accident, he hasn’t maintained his wealth by accident and he didn’t win this campaign on accident. Game recognize game.

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