You Can’t Be A Victim and a Capitalist at the Same Time.


America is a capitalistic society, and I am a capitalist.  You should strive to be one too.  You should strive to take your financial destiny into your own hands.  That is the beauty of being an American.  That freedom is what people risk their lives for while you sit here and complain about how hard life is because you only have 200 channels on your cable plan.

By definition, capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.  Capitalism requires private individuals to act not merely react and definitely not wait on the government to act.

You cannot be a victim and a capitalist.  In fact, you cannot be successful and be a victim.  The victim mentality is running rampant in the African American community and it has done nothing but hold us back.  The problem is that even if you successful at promoting your victim agenda you will still come out a victim.  Its like Robert Kiyosaki says “even if you win the rat race you are still a rat”.  Being a victim, just like being average, is easy and it is a failing strategy.

Instead of wallowing in victim-hood, smart people, the capitalists, research and find reasons to win.  The victims, on the other hand, waste time reading up on why they are justified in not winning, why they cant win and why they will never win.  These are smart, college educated people.  Some with Masters and PhDs… Imagine if they used this brain power to find actual solutions.  The problem is that solutions require action and accountability.  It is much easier to be a victim because being a victim does not require struggle.

In order to be a successful capitalist you have to take on the mentality that anything that happens to you, good or bad, is based on something you did or did not do.  That is because you family’s survival is based on results and excuses and good reasons do not create results.  Your family cannot eat your good reasons no matter how good they are. They will still starve.  That is why you cant be a conqueror and a victim.

Capitalists are conquerors.  Capitalists wade out in the unknown where the fact that something has not been done before is actually a good thing.  Many people think that because something has not been done that it can never be done and they slump down in victim land while the conquerors go on conquering.

I am reminded of how weak victims are when it came to the recession.  From 2007 to 2014 victims sat back and complained about not having jobs or money to create a business. Capitalists and conquerors, on the other hand, used this to their advantage.  Did you know that over half the companies in the S&P 500 were created during a recession or a bear market?  This means that even when they had every reason not to press forward the winners still press forward.

During the last recession we saw savvy entrepreneurs create uber, which leverages other peoples cars and time to create a cab service.  We saw air bnb pop up which created a virtual hotel and travel industry yet owns no real estate.  Lastly, companies like Amazon literally don’t manufacture or produce the things they sell yet they destroyed many big box retailers and malls.  The lists goes on and on, netflix, itunes etc.

The thinkers are the winners.  Those who envision what can be are the winners.  Those who dwell on what has already happened or how hard something is will continue to be victims and lose.  Which one are you?


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