Collaborative Economics Geared Toward The Beautification of Predominately Black Communities


This morning I was driving through Orange County and it was beautiful.  The landscaping was well manicured.  The properties were well kept.  Being in that much abundance lifts your spirits.

I started thinking to myself that this area is great because their property taxes all go toward keeping the area looking that way. There is also pride and respect for their community.  Those are all million dollar properties, tax rates in CA are about 1% of the assessed value.  Using simple math 100 of these homes collaboratively put 1 million back into their city.  We know there are much more than 100 homes there so the pool of wealth is actually greater than a measly 1 million.

The problem is that in areas that are predominately black there is a predominate amount of renters.  These renters don’t necessarily pay property taxes. They pay the landlords mortgage and he pays property taxes — not the same.   Additionally, since property values are lower, the amount of property taxes being paid is lower and the pool is smaller.  Renters also don’t have pride in ownership which translates into apathy. That isn’t a reason to complain to the government, that is a reason to take strategic action and find a way.

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While most don’t have property taxes to pull from we do have  disposable income.  The question you have to ask yourself is do you wan’t the freedom you say you want as bad as you want to vacation?  Do you want the freedom you say you deserve as bad as you want to get drunk or get high?  I would hope so because the effort folks put into protesting and posting memes indicates that there is some passion somewhere.

We should be tapping into our 1.1 trillion worth of spending power to reinvest back into our communities.  You can protest complain and whine all you want but it is CAPITAL that causes change.  

For the last few weeks social justice warriors have been quiet.  I guess they only really see the reality of things when someone gets shot.  Unfortunately, n words are still broke.  The fight to improve our circumstances shouldn’t be limited just to police shootings or mean comments by white people.  That is emotion. No lasting change has ever been driven by emotion and that is why you see short surges of action (like a black Friday protest) which in all actuality might be worse than never doing anything.  Short black Friday protests or gas protests just make people spend more on the days leading up to the and after the single day of solidarity.  That isn’t logic, that is emotion.  Logic would have done the math.

What I am proposing is what I call the “black tax”.  This will be a small 1% contribution back into your community, of which you will have an equity stake and ownership in.  This tax will be used to rehab and renovate the communities you all live in.  It will allow black dollars to collaboratively purchase multi family properties in predominately black areas which will be renovated and improved and offered back to the people that live there at drastically reduced rent. It will also allow us to “buy the block” for pennies on the dollar and reinvigorate entire communities.  We have now effectively created affordable housing and you didn’t even have to stand out side and get pepper sprayed to do it.

This fund will also allow us to purchase, rehab or build commercial centers so that people who are starting small businesses can open in a storefront at a drastically reduced rate so they can truly grow their business.  The catch is the new property owners and business owners will be required to pay back into the community with their 1% so the fund feeds itself.  The benefit is these businesses will bring jobs to areas where most people are afraid to invest.  Another benefit is that you wont have to negotiate with your non black landlord or pay his mortgage because your community is the owner. Win win.

The important part about all this is that it isn’t necessarily a contribution or a tax it is really an investment back in yourself.  As I said, you will be part owner of all the real estate that is purchased and rehabbed.  Another benefit is that the contribution is its so small that you wont miss it.

I need your help to build this up and spread the word.  This act alone could be the start of a massive shift in predominately black areas like Ferguson, South Central and Baltimore that are often disregarded.

If you would like to get on board with this movement email



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