The 50 member goal!


I have said it once and I’ll say it again: Todd Capital Investment Club is seeing amazing growth in such a short time.  Last time we spoke, yesterday, we had 27 members. We now have 30!! 30 Members in 12 weeks! Unbelievable!

On a conference call a while back I mentioned that the goal for the club is 50 members by December!  For this to happen we will have to see a massive push in membership by current club members via referrals and more of the people who have expressed interest on our mailing list of about 80 people, converting to membership.

Membership is in tiers

The club has multiple tiers of membership.  We have the $25 lite version and the $100 Elite version.  Some members have taken it upon themselves to create their own version by contributing $50 which is fine by me! We will call them the  Standard members.  My goal is for every single person in the African American and “minority” (I hate that term) community to be invested in the stock market in some form no matter the dollar amount and learn how capitalism works in America.  So, whether you invest on the 25, 50, or 100 dollar level, you are still stepping in and participating in what we are doing. More importantly you are learning how to make money with your money.

This is what sets our club apart from large funds that have high minimums and ridiculous commissions.  By investing in this club we remove the effect of a commission via scale and we let others start small and grow, again, through the use of scale.

Why 50? Why Now?

50 is a key number because we can’t run the club for free forever. We have fees, expenses and there is a cost associated with the time it takes for our team to put together a polished club experience for everyone involved.  By converting the club at 50 we can then have additional resources that it takes to make sure we have an even greater club.  Having actual revenue will allow us to level up and improve the clubs infrastructure like our website, eventual app, and software.  All of these things will make it easier for members to access.  I want to create something like a bigger pockets but for investing in stocks and targeted to the African American and “minority” community.  It will happen!

That said, for those who are within that first group of fifty, the club will ALWAYS be free. Outside of standard fees, the club will be free forever for the first 50 members. However, after we meet that goal the fund will operate like a standard collaborative investment fund for any additional members, where we have a small 1% fee of overall assets and 20% of the gains above a hurdle rate of 8%.

This might sound complicated but its not. I can and will explain this in better detail on a later conference call.  What is important though is that you sign up today so you can get in under the 50 person umbrella. You can join our amazing club by emailing

We look forward to working with you.

Be Great!

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