Why Todd Capital Investment Club? Because Group Economics is the Best Form of Protest


In just three short months Todd Capital Investment Club (“TCIC”) has 27 total members! We now have members ALL OVER the country.  We have international members in Canada and London, and over $10,000 worth of purchasing power.  In three months!

I always say that your protest or your movement should be something that is able to be counted and measured.  TCIC allows us to count, measure, analyze and strategize on even more growth and financial power.

This isn’t an emotional protest.  We aren’t aiming to feel good.  We are aiming to make money and isolate ourselves economically through a collaborated effort, sacrifice and personal accountability.

In my humble yet biased opinion, there is no greater form of protest that a financial one. This can be a boycott or a purposeful effort to support our own businesses and banks, but it must last longer than the current hashtag.  This mentality has to be a way of life that spreads like wild fire and gets passed on to later generations.  It cannot be a fad and it cannot be a #trend.

If you desire to take part of the great success we are having email capitaltodd@gmail.com or contact us through the contact tab on the home page.

Be great!

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