Investment Club Conference Call!!!


Good Morning and Happy Monday! 

I wanted to remind everyone about our conference call tonight October 10 at 7:30 pm pacific standard time. Call in information is: (605) 477-2100 Access Code: 381866#.  Feel free to call in even if you are not a member but want to listen in and see if the club is for you. This should be a quick call since there isn’t really anything new to discuss.  The big call will be the investment call next week.  Here is the agenda:
1. Intro: Investment Club Overview for First Time Callers
2. Charles Update
      Investment Club Newsletter 
      Investment Club for Kids
3. VP Update: Calvin
4. CFO/Controller Update: Marjorie
      Bivio Cost: 180 per year, divided by membership
5. Director of Investment Research Update: Jamaal
6. Value Investing Discussion
7. What are we investing in this month?:
      More S&P, Individual Stocks, Sectors?
      Share ideas so we can use this week to research and learn more prior to the call and vote.
8. Investment Class Announcement
The call should last 20-30 minutes.

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