Todd Capital Investment Club, for Kids



They key to success in stock market investing is time in the market not timing the market.   Therefore, the sooner you start investing for your children the more time they have to accumulate and compound their principal and earnings.  Todd Capital Investment Club, for Kids, is geared toward investing in companies kids know and love (Disney, Hasbro, Mattel, McDonald’s etc).  The kid club is aimed at teaching children the fundamentals of investing at an early age, allowing them to sit on calls, read the reports and ask questions.  By starting sooner than later they will be well equipped to tackle the world of personal finance when they enter the real world.

Todd Capital Investment Club, for Kids is a $25 per month tier of the original club that has been getting a great response from our members and our prospective members.  Your $25 investment in your child’s future will set them on the path to wealth and prosperity because you started planning for them early in life.

Using simple math, if your child is 5  years old and you invest $25 per month for the next 13 years, with an average annual return of 8% they will have accumulated $6,448.  At a 12% average annual return, that small investment of $25 would now be 8,408. 

At the age of 18 your child wont be a millionaire but they will have more money saved than the average American.

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