Black Wealth Matters

It seems like every other week there is some event that triggers the African American race into action. A shooting, a racial statement made by a celebrity, something.  It happens, and we react.  The problem is our form of reacting is usually motivated by social change and not financial change.  To me, this is a problem, because even if you are successful in a social protest 1) you only get what they give you 2) when they decide to give it to you, and 3) what they give you usually isn’t much.

As the renowned scholar Sean Carter once said, “the strong move quiet and the weak start riots”. You have every reason to be mad.  I won’t deny that you have every reason to be frustrated and upset.  But I want you to use all of these events as motivation to grow stronger, not cower in the face of some perceived dominant culture or race.  It is not enough to fight and yell and break stuff, in fact, I think that defeats the purpose of your overall movement if you protest your condition and then make it worse (See Watts).

When I say strength I am talking about lasting strength.  I am talking about community building strength.  The biggest problem in black culture isn’t the police and it’s not white people.  Most black people who complain about white people don’t even come in contact with them in the first place.  Our problem is our priorities aren’t in order.  People spend all weekend celebrating average and neglect to build and sustain a culture.  People spend all weekend pouring our resources into other communities only to then complain about the lack of resources in our community.  We are hustling backwards and I for one don’t see what the cause for celebration is.

Todd Capital Investment Club is a black owned, black run and black funded investment club aimed at pooling together the resources of African American and Hispanics so that we can finally achieve true financial power and the trickle down benefits from financial power.  These benefits include providing jobs, creating businesses and educating our own, all of which require MONEY.  In such a short amount of time we have done amazing things with a lot of people contributing a little and we can do even more with greater numbers.   My goal is to scale up and have every black person invested in this vision.  Not just words of encouragement but financially supporting this movement. 

I don’t look at Todd Capital as a protest.  I don’t care about a protest.  I think that protest in and of itself is the manifestation of weakness in the race.  For you to line up and plea for acknowledgement and recognition of your plight in hopes that someone comes to save you is the textbook definition of weakness.  Doing so, in the face of shouting down white supremacy actually promotes it.  White people don’t have to protest to maintain their status they simply abide by certain rules and standards.  White people don’t ask you to like them. White people don’t plead for diversity and inclusion.  White people don’t get a degree and then run to black people to hire them.  Are they supreme then? All of the above would indicate so but I beg to differ.

Todd Capital has shown what we can achieve when we work together and each person pitches in something that can be counted and measured.  You can’t measure the effectiveness of a protest no matter who the figure head (Read Colin Kaepernick) or the scale (Read Black Lives Matter).  Despite the “success” of each of these movements, I would argue that the financial and social condition of the black community has yet to change.  If we continue keeping our head in the sand it might never change.  It is not to say that people’s motives aren’t pure, but it is to say that America is a capitalist nation and we need to get on the radar and participate/compete.  If you are interested in joining a true financial movement email



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