August 15th Update

Good evening club!!

We had a great response this week!!  I wanted to give you all an update on the club status.  The plan was to place the trade on the 15th but because of the delay in transferring funds through paypal and venmo we may be a few days behind.  The good news is we had 9 people ($900) contribute this very first month. Talk about the power of group economics!  We are only going to grow bigger and stronger.  As a club we are still a few shy of the total group members but thats ok!!
I will send out the trade confirmation as well as a screen shot of the account once things settle.  I am also going to put together a club agreement this week and get that to all of the members.  Lastly, we may have a conference call in two weeks to discuss blue chip stocks (aka Dow companies) to invest in.  I will keep you posted. Make it a great week!

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