Todd Capital LLC empowers our clients and members to take on unprecedented levels of prosperity through teamwork. Our philosophy is to protect our principal and grow the assets of the group, through group economics, masterminding, accountability and contrarianism.  Our mission is to create a better financial future for our clients through teamwork because we believe that both business and investing are team sports . As we pursue that mission, we’re guided by our culture and principles of: Innovation, and Implementation.


The LLC set up and response time was very quick and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get their LLC up and running. – Jermaine Mckenzie

Charles was great to work with while filing my LLC. He took the time to explain the process in great detail and was very patient with all of my questions. He was also very speedy with replies and correspondence in regards to getting all the proper information that was needed in order to file my LLC.I.  I will definitely be using his services again. – Raeanthony Odoms

Thank you so much brother you have no idea. I’ll  refer everyone I know that needs to start a business to you sir! Also, I will be reaching out within 3 weeks to join the investment club. Thank you again Charles. We need more brothers like you!!! – Jimmell Scott