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How to buy gifts this holiday season and still maintain your financial plan

As we head into the holidays please remember the goals you are striving for. At the beginning of the year I am sure you set out savings goals and credit score goals.  It is important that you don’t allow inevitable things like holidays to derail those goals. Here are a few tips I have that […]

You don’t have to house hack forever, but you have to house hack

On episode 43 of the Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast we talk a lot about house hacking. We talked about it so much without actually defining the term that I feel like I didn’t do my job as  “teacher” to slow down and inform listeners what house hacking is and how house hacking can help them […]

Don’t believe the hype, renting is never a good long term strategy

I like BKF, he has great advice regarding budgeting, credit, stocks etc. His advice on establishing a housing budget that is 30% of your gross working income changed my life.  But one place we disagree is when he starts talking real estate and home ownership.  This quick blog will discuss why I believe the concept […]